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Hylomar Aerosol Adhesive

Manufacturer Valco
Weight 1.00 lbs
MPN 71362
Brand Valco
Google Product Category Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Parts
Internal ID 97671362
Market price: $37.74
Our price: $26.46


Hylomar® is a polyester polyol–based compound that turns from a gel into flexible putty within minutes of application. Originally developed by Rolls Royce, where it performed under the most stringent aerospace tolerances, Hylomar brings superior qualities to automotive applications. Its non-hardening formula maintains seal integrity even when subjected to thermal distortion and vibration.

Hylomar is impervious to oil, gasoline, glycol and other engine fluids. Hylomar is oxygen-sensor safe, seals gaps .01" or less, and performs at constant temperatures up to 600°F. With Hylomar, components are assembled, reused and reassembled with ease. Use Hylomar for thin gaps without a gasket or as a gasket dressing. It holds the gasket in place during assembly as well as giving a great seal. Use Valco’s All-In-One Silicone™ for wider gaps in place of a gasket. They are great companion products. Hylomar should be removed using Valco’s Solvent 184™.

Hylomar is also available in a solvent-free formulation that is also impervious to oil, gasoline, glycol, and other engine fluids. Solvent-free Hylomar is environmentally friendly and provides immediate assembly/pressure capabilities. Non-setting and non-hardening, even at high temperatures, solvent-free Hylomar withstands rapid variations in temperature and permits easy disassembly.

FIPK; DODGE RAM V10-8.0L, 94-02
FIPK; FORD F-SER.,V8-5.0/5.8M-A; 94-97
2-1/16"FLG,3-1/2"B,2"T,4"H (3 PER BOX)
2-1/8"FLG,3"B,2"T,3"H (4 PER BOX)
2-3/4"DUAL, 9 X 5-1/2"OD,2-1/2"H
1-7/8"FLG, 3-1/2"OD, 4"H