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Manufacturer Valco
Weight 2.00 lbs
MPN 97671155
Brand Valco
Internal ID 97671155
Market price: $9.18
Our price: $6.44

TUBE-GRIP w/HV-350 Non-Slump 3.35 oz. tube

HV-350™ is a one-part, multi-purpose adhesive that virtually outperforms any glue, epoxy or silicone on the market today. The “HV” stands for high vibration. Due to its tremendous elasticity, HV-350 is ideal for high-vibration applications. HV-350 can be stretched up to 600 percent of its original length.

Use HV-350 to adhere mats, repair fiberglass, mend rips in wet suits, waterproof electrical components, attach plastic and carbon fiber parts and much more.

Unlike silicone, HV-350 can be sanded and then painted with either oil-based or water-based paints. It is also abrasive-resistant and flexible, allowing use on high-wear surfaces. This glue is used almost anywhere, from highly porous surfaces such as cinder blocks to nonporous surfaces such as metal and glass.

Use HV-350 in marine, plumbing, motorcycle, home improvement, automotive, industrial, and arts-and-crafts applications. In its fully cured state, HV-350 maintains its adhesive and sealant properties even when completely submerged in water—making it ideal for watercraft.

To get the most out of your tubes of HV-350, use them with Valco’s popular Tube-Grip™ dispensing tool. The Tube-Grip applies ten times more pressure to a flexible tube than squeezing by hand. It flattens tubes and dispenses material completely

03-04 Ford 6.0L Waterpump
98.5-00 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Juice w/ Attitude CS2 - 31400
Raptor RP-150HP 1994-2003 7.3L Ford (replaces high pressure pump)
BMW 335I 3.0L-L6; 2007-2010
HONDA CIVIC VI L4-2.0L F/I, 2001-2005
AUDI A4 L4-1.9L DSL, 2001-2007