Watch an Early Ford Super Duty Powerstroke Haul a Trailer Through The Ocean… Literally!

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I’m not quite sure what to think of this video?

On one hand, hauling a trailer behind your F-Series Super Duty Powerstroke through deep ocean water seems like the dumbest thing you could possibly do.

On the other hand, the dude owns it and the footage makes for a good chuckle when he succeeds in reaching dry land.

Call it what you want, but my idea of fun is not testing the sea with my diesel, especially while hauling a trailer.

Filmed at Pismo Beach in California, the driver clearly just wanted to get a quick all-natural wash for his trailer and Ford, not worried about a little salt water with that 7.3L Powerstroke under the hood.

The deputy at the end of the video is laughing, but I can guarantee that would be the far from theĀ emotion the driver experienced had he not made it back to shore.

He would have catastrophically failed and cost himself a lot of money in the process.

All for one idiotic stunt…

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