The 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Event Will Feature John Deere Field Connect

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John Deere

The 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days event, scheduled to take place August 25-27 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, will feature John Deere Field Connect along with other industry technologies.

John Deere will be competing against 10 other companies, in the “Innovation Square” portion of the event, dedicated to showing off new agricultural technologies.

Matt Glewen, general manager of the WFTD event, said, “Hopefully it will be a central focus of the show. A lot of times when people go to Farm Technology Days they see things that are pretty much the same as the previous year. This should be something that livens things up a little bit.”

John Deere Field Connect works by monitoring moisture levels and then providing data to a Web-based interface, allowing farmers to irrigate accordingly.

Glewen added, “There won’t be all machinery or all computer software. There will be a good variety.”

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