New Light-Duty V8 Turbo Diesel Engine From Cummins Has Been Years In The Making

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The brand new V8 turbo diesel engine from Cummins set to be offered in the 2016 Nissan Titan pickup has everybody buzzing, but many do not realize the history behind the engine.

Cummins has actually been attempting to bring the company’s light-duty diesel engine program to life for seven years now, even having a buyer in Chrysler back in 2006 before it went bankrupt and had to back out the following year.

Fast forward to 2012, when Cummins finally found another buyer in Nissan for use in the Japanese automaker’s redesigned Titan pickup. Research and development continued for a few more years, which leads us to today.

“I will say it has been a journey. This hasn’t been the easiest engine development plan,” Rich Freeland, Cummins president, expressed to approximately 300 Cummins employees and outsiders.

Cummins believes the new V8 is “a technologically innovative engine that delivers exceptional performance, quality and fuel-efficiency.”

In fact, the Columbus-based company has hired around 150 new workers since mid-2013 to work on the engine’s development, and hundreds more will be added as production and sales ramp up.

Generally knows as a a heavy-duty engine maker, Cummins has diversified its product line with light diesels. auto analyst Jesse Toprak feels the Cummins-Nissan partnership is a match made in heaven, citing the fact it fills a niche among smaller pickups. “It’s a smart move. It will be the only turbo-charged diesel offering on a non-heavy-duty truck,” he said.

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