New Holland Combine Sets World Record For Most Wheat Harvested In 8 Hours

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New Holland

New Holland agriculture announced Wednesday its CR10.90 Elevation combine harvested 29,308.84 bushels in eight hours, recapturing the Guinness World Record for most wheat harvested in that time frame.

The combine, built in Zedelgem, Belgium, shattered the old record by 4,409 bushels!

Hedley Cooper, Head of Harvesting Product Management said, “This record demonstrates the unsurpassed capacity and productivity of the CR10.90, especially as the current record of 675.84 tons was broken after just six hours and 36 minutes!”

To put the feat in perspective, the record breaking 29,308.84 bushels or 797.656 tons of wheat is equivalent to some 28 articulated truck trailer loads.

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