LBZ Duramax Diesel Sand Rail Features 750 Horsepower To Shoot It Up Hills and Into The Air!

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YouTube/Sand Flix

The sand rail in the video below, owned by MA Racing, features a LBZ Duramax engine that has been tuned to approximately 750 horsepower.

It’s torque is just short of a thousand pound-feet, with a frame that is essentially light as a feather when you are talking about this much speed and power.

Why you ask?

Well, this particular Duramax diesel sand rail was designed specifically to go extremely fast, fly up hills, go airborne, work on snow and sand, and even double as a dragster.

In the footage below, the vehicle rockets up a sandy hill, where it eventually goes airborne and lands upside down after the diesel torque cranks up the G-force meter to the max!

Thanks to a beautifully built cage, the driver seems to be completely unfazed by the accident.

If you are interested in seeing more of this crazy machine in action, the second video below shows the same vehicle with street tires on ice!

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