John Deere Finally Shows Off The Four-Track, 620hp John Deere 9RX Prototype

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Up until recently, John Deere’s four-track 9RX was essentially a mythological tractor people talked about but no one had actually ever seen.

At Deere’s dealer convention in August, the prototype 9RX was finally unveiled to the public to much fanfare.

The scene was like a concert as the 620hp beast rolled out to music, lights, and applause from dealers, the media, and people in the stands.

“There is an exciting new 9 Series tractor in development,” said the event’s master of ceremonies during the official launch show. “We know your customers have been asking for it. And we thought it was important to give you a sneak peek at the prototype. Once the 9RX is released, John Deere will be the only manufacturer to offer all configurations available in the four-wheel drive tractor market, wheeled, two track and four track.”

While it was neat to get a glimpse of the elusive 9RX, no one at John Deere was willing to reveal any more details on the machine so attempting to guess a release date is nearly impossible.

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