How Cummins Evolved Into a High-Tech Diesel Engine Leader

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Back in the day, Cummins framed¬†its patents for display at its Indiana site, but the company’s swift evolution has put an end to this tradition.

Cummins received more than 60 patents and filed for 200 others last year alone! What was once simply another midwest industrial company is now a high-tech industrial leader.

What contributed to the rise of Cummins as a technological leader?

The answer is simple… Stricter pollution regulations and growing demands for fuel efficiency forced Cummins to evolve as a company and rely on technological breakthroughs to grow the company brand.

“The regulators and customers have driven us to be much more sophisticated,” said Aleksey Yezerets, a Russian-educated scientist who is director of catalyst technology at Cummins. “It requires an engineering village. It requires much more technical expertise than it did.”

In fact, Cummins now employs 8,000 people and and over 175 scientists with doctorates at its Indiana facilities. Not to mention, the company’s foreign research centers in China and India which employ 1,000 and 200 engineers respectively.

Cummins is considered a pioneeer in diesel engine technology, thanks in large part to the company’s two-building tech center in Indiana.

Adding new research and development initiatives such as catalyst research, systems performance, and combustion research has really elevated the company’s understanding of how diesels work, directly resulting in improved technologies over the years.

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