Ford Plans To Zone In On Its EcoBoost Technology Amidst Falling Diesel Sales

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Ford has announced the company’s focus over the next 10 years will be on advancing its EcoBoost technology.

The announcement comes after a rough year for diesel sales in 2013, falling behind petrol engines for the first time with a 45.8 per cent share across Europe. In 2014, things got worse as that figure decreased further to 44.9 per cent.

“This year we’ll be selling well over 1 million EcoBoost engines globally,” said Joe Bakaj, Vice President of Product Development at Ford. “We sold more EcoBoost engines than we did diesel engines globally last year, which was a big milestone for us.”

“There is still a lot of development potential left when it comes to efficiency for both EcoBoost. We’re a long way from seeing the end of the line on conventional technology, we are going to see for the next 10 years continued development on traditional petrol and diesel,” Bakaj added.

In addition to improving its EcoBoost technology, Ford plans to expand its hybrid technology, as the company looks to compete with Toyota for the top spot in the hybrid market.

“We’re in the phase now where we are bringing electrified technology out globally and that is one of the advantages of One Ford globally strategy,” said Bakaj. “When we develop hybrid and electric technology now we design it to sell it all around the world. That wasn’t true 10 years ago.”

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