Ever Seen a Top Fuel Hemi Designed To Burn Diesel Fuel?

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You’ve seen hemi engines burn gasoline, alcohol, occasionally nitromethane, but you’ve probably never witnessed a one-off Top Fuel Hemi designed to burn diesel fuel.

In the video, you can hear the engine fire up as the engine builder is looking to hit 2,500 hp.

The engine was built by Curtis Halvorson, the same guy who built the world’s fastest Duramax diesel engine for the 341 mph Mormon Missile Bonneville Streamliner, so there was definitely some top level expertise involved.

The bottom end is based on a Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) Top Fuel aluminum block that’s been fit with a custom diesel pistons and specially made billet-aluminum Hemi heads designed by Halverson to hold Bosch common-rail diesel injectors.

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