Dodge’s 1978 Lil’ Red Cummins Express Continues To Be a Fan Favorite

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Max Kirtley

The Dodge-produced 1978 Lil’ Red Cummins Express is a fan favorite on the drag strip, ever since 2009 when Max Kirtley showed up to the track with his bright-red racing pickup.

In 1978 and 1979, Dodge only manufactured 7,306 total, with 2,188 of that number being produced in ’78. That year, the Lil’ Red Cummins Express was the fastest American-made vehicle from 0-100 mph reported Car and Driver magazine.

Or course Kirtley’s Lil’ Red isn’t stock for obvious reasons, as he has installed a Scheid Diesel water injection, 3-stage nitrous system, and had a 47RH transmission built, among many other modifications.

Kirtley’s custom Dodge diesel pickup features a Cummins 6BT 12 valve motor, and runs a top time of 10:04 at 130 mph on the quarter mile, pumping out 1000hp.

Max Kirtley

Max Kirtley

Today, the Lil’ Red Cummins Express continues to be an internet sensation, amassing over 1.3 million views in the YouTube video below:

Not to mention, the model has its own Facebook page with close to 40,000 likes and even its own club, NALRETO, or the National Association of Lil’ Red Express Truck Owners.

Scheid Diesel can service any diesel engine including, but not limited to agricultural, construction, heavy duty truck, and automotive. Scheid has also made its mark in the diesel performance market with tractor and pickup truck pulling as well as diesel drag racing.

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