Cummins Unveils 2017 ISX15 Engine at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show

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At the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show, Cummins unveiled its 2017 ISX15, offering a small glimpse of the company’s 2017 greenhouse gas engine technology.

Vice president of the company’s engine business, Srikanth Padmanabhan, explained that the ISX15 will feature a more efficient turbocharger and reduced parasitic energy loss.

Power ratings will range from 400 to 605 horsepower depending on which engine design is being utilized, as there is one optimized for performance and one that focuses on fuel economy.

Customer input, in addition to discoveries from Cummins Filtrations, helped to shape the new, evolutionary single-module exhaust after-treatment system will debut with the engine in 2017.

The 2017 ISX15 will easily comply with emissions regulations thanks to new catalytic materials and DPF dosing methods.

The engine being 60 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than current after-treatment systems doesn’t hurt either!

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