Cummins’ Turbo Diesel Engine Is First To Gain LEV III Certification

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Cummins’ 6.7-liter inline-six-cylinder turbo-diesel B-motor is the first diesel engine to be certified by the California Air Resource Board to meet or exceed Low Emission Vehicle III standards.

This is a major accomplishment for Cummins considering the rigorous standards and the fact that the 6.7-liter engine offers three different power output levels for the Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 lineup.

Jeff Caldwell, general manager-pickup business, said in a statement, “At Cummins, we demand that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. Being the first in this segment to certify to these new standards demonstrates our continued commitment to the environment, and meeting more stringent requirements without hardware changes allows us to maintain the proven capability and reliability that our customers have grown to expect.”

Cummins meeting these standards will result in more powerful turbo-diesels that are cleaner and utilize more modern technology.

Look for both GM and Ford to meet CARB certification with their new turbo-diesel engines in the near future.

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