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Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold

Manufacturer Bully Dog
Weight 37.10 lbs
MPN 85200
Brand Bully Dog
Google Product Category Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Parts
Engine Heavy Duty/AG
Internal ID 87685200
Our price: $1799.50
Heavy Duty GT Tuner

Increased fuel mileage and horsepower are just two of the benefits your big rig will realize with a Bully Dog heavy-duty GT diesel tuner. These computerized units combine diagnostics, gauges, data displays, and engine control programming to monitor nearly 20 truck functions. With up to 12 percent savings in fuel economy, Bully Dog tuners can pay for themselves in a matter of months. Users also report better throttle response, steady pulling power, and cooler operation. You can customize your diesel for more power or economy; the possibilities are endless. Install a GT diesel tuner and experience the savings and performance of a premier big rig ECM programmer!

Here are a few more features of the Bully Dog system:

* Increase of up to 100 hp (specialized tuning for additional power)
* Up to 12 percent increase in fuel economy
* Speed limiter adjustments
* Diagnostic reader
* Driving coach
* Watchdog monitoring
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